Phoenix Medical Hand Sanitiser Quality Assurance

Phoenix Medical Hand Sanitiser Quality Assurance

ÔĽŅWhen the Coronavirus outbreak began, many retailers started selling personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitation products¬†to fill high market demand. However, not all products are from a reputable source and may cause more harm than good.¬†¬†

Hand sanitiser is essential for killing bacteria and preventing the spread of viruses, however not all sanitisers have the same specifications. The World Health Organisation (WHO) state hand sanitisers should contain at least 60% ethanol to kill COVID-19 and strong bacteria, but many brands contain less than 60% and include other harmful ingredients.  

It truly pays to use good quality PPE and sanitation products, because SARS-CoV-2 is a new virus and we do not know a lot about it. However, we do know that this virus is highly contagious and requires frequent hand washing and sanitation.  

Harmful Hand Sanitiser

The Food and Drug Administration has recalled over 87 different hand sanitisers.

This is due to the presence of methanol and insufficient amounts of ethanol and propane-2-ol.

As a result, it means the recalled products are not effective at killing bacteria or viruses and can be extremely harmful.

Methanol is acutely toxic to the nervous system and eyes. Absorbing methanol through your skin can lead to nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, blindness, coma and even death.  

Shield Hand Sanitiser Gel is just one of the products that have been recalled. It contains 3.4% of methanol but this has not been listed in the ingredients. 

Due to this, it is not only detrimental to health but also does not comply with the Biocidal Products and the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulations.

This product was made in the UK and sold online, via channels like eBay but has since been removed from the online marketplace.  

Phoenix Hand Sanitiser

We have worked with our factories to ensure all our PPE items, including Hand Sanitiser, are of the highest quality and certified safe.

Our Phoenix Hand Sanitiser is 100% compliant to BS EN 1500: 2013 Hygienic Handrub Standards.

We have all the supporting documents and relevant certification to prove our hand sanitiser is compliant with the regulations - these are available upon request, please contact us if you require documents.  

Phoenix Hand Sanitiser contains just 4 ingredients:  

  1. 75% Alcohol ‚Äď top quality virgin ethanol, proven effective against COVID-19¬†¬†
  2. Purified water ‚Äď as recommended by the WHO¬†
  3. Glycerin ‚Äď a¬†moisturiser¬†to treat/prevent dry,¬†rough¬†and itchy skin or irritations¬†¬†
  4. C10-30 alkyl cross polymer ‚Äď a safe thickening agent used in cosmetics and personal care products¬†¬†

    As well as striving to ensure our products are as safe and effective as possible, we also work tirelessly to ensure they are user-friendly and of the highest quality.

    Phoenix Medical Hand Sanitiser: 

    • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses¬†
    • Kind to skin - pH 7.01 and hypoallergenic¬†
    • Quick-drying¬†¬†
    • Recyclable packaging¬†
    • 500ml pump dispenser bottle ‚Äď designed to be used 800 times without rusting¬†
    • Designed specifically to fit into NHS holders¬†
    • Manufactured in a facility¬†specialising¬†in the production of sanitation products in China¬†
    • Not tested on animals¬†¬†

      We have secured a constant supply of PPE to ensure our customers are protected against viral contamination. All PPE items, including hand sanitiser, can be purchased here. 

      If you would like to know more about Phoenix Hand Sanitiser or safety regulations, please contact