About us

Phoenix PPE Supplies team


Phoenix PPE Supplies is a part of the Phoenix Medical Group, a family of businesses which serve the complementary healthcare industry.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to utilise our direct relationships with global manufacturers to help fill the gap of PPE and sanitation products. At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, the UK fell severely short in these products which left many frontline key workers vulnerable to the invisible disease. We have now sourced tens of thousands of units of PPE and sanitation items, many of which are ready to order. Although the cost for PPE has inflated due to demand and reduced transport for imports, we have kept our prices as low as possible and we have re-branded certain products under our own brand to help us reduce costs and import larger volumes. 

We have sourced products of the greatest need. If there are any products that you would like us to help you source, please contact us by email info@phoenixmd.co.uk

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